Below are some of the experiences our players and parents have experienced while attending West Michigan Pro Hockey School. We are very proud to be able to share these great experiences and want to thank all of the players and parents for their hard work and dedication!  

​"I highly recommend! Our son is shy and takes a while to warm up. All of the coaches have been amazing and quickly learned the players names and use them frequently to encourage and inspire. They are like big brothers to the boys and girls. It is easy to see how much the kids love them. They have been amazing to my son and to me, as his mother. Very thankful for them all." - Jennifer Henson (Burton camp Parent)

"Awesome job this week Ben and staff, the kids loved it. We are in for next year for sure!" - Cam Henke (Holland camp Parent, Coach, Association Director) 

"Pierce is looking forward to attending camp very much again this year! He enjoyed last year a lot and we saw much improvement after camp was finished!"   - LeeAnn R. (Burton camp Parent) 

The Training Mask 2.0 is an elite "air resistance training device" designed to enhance lung capacity, maximize oxygen intake, increase endurance, and enhance recovery time during workouts. The Training Mask has been a key addition to West Michigan Pro Hockey School as we are the only camp around to provide EVERY PLAYER with their own mask at camp as they will be included in many of their workouts (older level camps only). Each player at our camps will also have the chance to win their own, brand new Training Mask 2.0 as we will raffle off one mask at each camp location! (except Mite & Squirt level camp)

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Warrior Hockey

Warrior Hockey is considered one of the premier brands in the world of hockey and one of the "sporting goods industry’s premier manufacturer of innovative, high performance, cutting-edge equipment, footwear and apparel for athletes of all ages and abilities." We are very proud to be sponsored by Warrior and carry on their brand of excellence. Through our partnership, EVERY PLAYER at our camps will receive a: Warrior workout shirt, official Warrior camp practice jersey, and the chance to win a free Warrior composite hockey stick as we will raffle off one brand new stick at each camp location! 

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Players at our camps will go through the same workouts and off-ice circuit style training as college and professional players. Again, every single workout exercised will be tailored towards each player's individual age and experience. West Michigan Pro Hockey School is proud to provide our players with the best training equipment possible including parachutes, bungi-chords, kettle bells, box hops, hurdles, agility courses, and the elevation Training Mask 2.0 (older level camps only). Further information about our workouts & training methods can be found at the "About WM Pro" tab above. Our training camps will push you to the limit and show you what it's like on the Extra Mile!

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Ben Warda

West Michigan Pro Hockey School focuses on skill development in every aspect of the game through our DETAILED, TRAINING CAMP STYLE FORMAT. Every practice plan, drill, and off-ice workout has come directly from Division 1 College and Professional training camps and have been scaled to take our player's game to the next level! Our camps are also designed to adapt to each player's specific skill set by our unique skill development station groups that are formatted based on each player's age/experience. Further details about our camps & structure can be found by clicking the "About WM Pro" tab above. 

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