There will be a 1 hour workout session per day in between ice sessions. Our programs focus on hockey specific training for speed and explosiveness including circuit style workouts, plyometrics, parachute runs, and agility work. Every workout exercise will be scaled appropriately for each player individually at camp. We make certain that our players are both pushed and comfortable with any workout we put them through. The WM Pro staff brings summer training knowledge from some of the best NCAA and Profesional Strength Coaches around including Tim Herman: Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Western Michigan University. Our program will not only prepare the players for a better upcoming season, but teach them the PROPER WAYS to prepare their bodies each off season. 

Each day at camp there will be 2 hours of on-ice split between a 1 hour morning practice session, and a 1 hour afternoon practice session. The morning session will be focused on small area, skill development stations that will drastically improve the player's abilities in each focus area. Here the players are divided into groups of 4-5, with a coach at each station, guaranteeing both the quality number of reps and proper coaching attention. The afternoon ice session will be used as competition style drills and mini-games forcing the players to take what they've learned from the morning session into game-like situations. Our practice plans are helped designed by coaches Jon Cooper (Tampa Bay Lightning Head Coach NHL), Andy Murray (Western Michigan Broncos Head Coach NCHC), Jeff Blashill (Detroit Red Wings Head Coach NHL), Pat Ferschweiler (Detroit Red Wings Asst. Coach NHL) and Jean-Guy Trudel (Peoria Rivermen Head Coach SPHL). 

Training camp structure

Each player will be tested on various drills and exercises both on and off the ice throughout camp. Tests will include blue to blue line sprint, one full lap, shot speed, 40 yard dash, shuttle run, and broad jump as examples. The purpose of these tests is to measure improvement. Players will have a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses giving them the ability to train more efficiently throughout the summer. All of the results will be recorded on the player's report card that will be handed out at the last day of camp. (TESTING WILL NOT BE TAKEN FOR CROSS-ICE AND MITE LEVEL PLAYERS). 

Each day will have a 45 minute video session in between practices and workouts. This time is used as recovery to prepare the players for the upcoming workout or ice session. There will also be one nutrition meeting/class during the week with our personal camp Nutritionist: Nanette Cameron, R.D. Our staff will engage in regular nutrition and hydration discussions with the players during this time as well. They will NOT be able to complete each day at camp unless proper hydration is taken into account as we push them to the max every single day!


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Our camps run through a detailed, training camp schedule and format the players would experience at the Division 1 College and Professional levels. We constantly preach to our players the importance of structure and attention to detail as we follow the camp itinerary to the very minute. This is all a process of teaching our players the right way to do things and improve as much as possible while being at camp. Players will be split into small groups of 4-5 depending on age and talent levels to work together during on ice battle drills and off ice workouts. The itinerary for each training camp will be located next to its camp location heading under the "Camp Dates" tab in the top right corner. Each section of the itinerary is described in further detail below. Mind you, all sections of the itinerary are adjusted for each specific age group and are followed exactly as shown!

the wm pro cup challenge!

The last day of camp will hold the WM Pro Cup Challenge! Players will be divided into 2 teams and compete for the greatest trophy on Earth through a series of mini games, competitions, and a final live game during the afternoon ice session on Friday. Parents are encouraged to attend the event, pictures and autographs with the players and the cup will proceed after the game! We will also have our camp raffle on Friday after the game where we award prizes from our great sponsors Warrior Hockey and the Training Mask! DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO WIN THE CUP!!? 


video - nutrition

Off-Ice Workouts